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Hon. Under Secretary

The Ministry of Justice plays a very essential role in the promotion of rule of law and provision of legal services both of which are essential for social and economic development in Southern Sudan. In fact the services rendered by the Ministry of Justice tangibly affect the citizens and residents in Southern Sudan. Having been trusted with the duty of, among others, the promotion and upholding of rule of law, the Ministry is strategically exerting efforts towards services delivery efficiency by availing itself when and wherever possible. Our citizens must not only see that we render the legal services but must access these services.

The establishment of the website for the Ministry is yet an effort meant to ease access to information about us and the work of the Ministry of Justice. The website programme was run parallel with the technical training of the staff in the Ministry. I thank those staff who worked hard so that the current level of our computer operations is achieved.

As we continue to upgrade our services using the electronic globalization, the Ministry is committed to its mandate of providing timely, efficient and quality legal services to all the people in Southern Sudan. We will keep all of you informed of any progress through the Ministry website we launched. Welcome to the Ministry of Justice. 


The Hon. Under Secretary of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Development - Hon Jeremiah Swaka Moses Wani ([email protected])























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Minister's Corner

I take this opportunity to extend my profound and warm greetings and congratulations to the entire staff of the Ministry for their dedicationClosing Quote





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Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS), is the product of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Which was signed between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the then Government of Sudan (GOS) in January, 2005.