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Hon. Minister

Today the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) launched its Website. I take this opportunity to extend my profound and warm greetings and congratulations to the entire staff of the Ministry for their dedication, selfless sacrifices and commitment to the service of the people and Government of Southern Sudan; the people and the Government of Southern Sudan for their support and encouragement, the main clients and beneficiaries of our services; the international partners and donors for their continuous, unlimited and tireless material and technical support to the Ministry, without whose support the Ministry would not have made it to its current position.

With this important event in the history of this infant Ministry, you will access the necessary information you need about the Ministry of Justice.    

It is with the overarching goals of positively impacting the lives of our citizens that the Ministry and its Directorates and the states legal administration offices faced the challenge of transforming into a modern, people focused and quality driven entity.

In keeping with the vision, mission and programme of the Government of Southern Sudan, the Ministry of Justice remains committed to this vision, mission and programme and the attainment of the Government goals and objectives as set forth therein.

The technological advances, the on-going adjustment and development at the various Directorates and State offices are evidence of the commitment by this Ministry to the vision, goals and objectives. The on-going legal work in the Ministry of Justice will surely have a significant positive impact and benefits to our people in Southern Sudan in the years to come.

As we have committed ourselves in promoting innovation, diversity, creativity efficient and effective quality service to our people, the Ministry of Justice remains dedicated and poised to positively impact the lives of our people.   
May God the Almighty bless us all for the service of our people.


The Hon. Minister of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Development - H.E. John Luk Jok














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Minister's Corner

I take this opportunity to extend my profound and warm greetings and congratulations to the entire staff of the Ministry for their dedicationClosing Quote





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Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS), is the product of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Which was signed between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the then Government of Sudan (GOS) in January, 2005.