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“Be vigilant to defend RSS territories”, President Kiir directs police

JUBA, 22 November 2011 – The President of the Republic H.E Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit has today directed the police and other security agencies to be vigilant and protect the territories of the Republic of South Sudan, especially from any aggression from the Republic of Sudan.

“The Republic of South Sudan will not go back to war with Khartoum; we are for peace and development but those who beat drums of war in Khartoum know that South Sudan is ready to defend its territories from any aggression”, he said.

President Kiir addressing the police officers.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

He also directed the police officers to create a good and strong relationship with the citizens to facilitate collaboration with the police in their duties. He urged them to be united for one goal and discard tribal conflicts which serve the enemies of peace. President Kiir strongly directed the police officers to respect UNMISS activities in South Sudan and cooperate with regulations and laws of the UNMISS helicopters, because UNMISS is supporting the new nation by providing security in many places.

The President made these directives when addressing more than 379 police officers from the rank of Maj. Gen. to the rank of Lieutenant, and customs duty officers demobilized by the Khartoum government and re-commissioned to the Republic of South Sudan Police Services by the Presidential Decrees No. 8/2011 and No. 54/2011 during their swearing in ceremony organized by the Ministry of Interior at the Police General Headquarters in Buluk, Juba.

Police officers taking oath of service.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

He also congratulated the re-commissioned police and customs officers for the new assignment given to them. He urged the officers to be ready to face the challenges of building a strong new nation. President Kiir directed the officers to double their efforts in implementing the law fully on the ground, protect the constitution and territories of the new nation and respect the principles of the human rights when arresting any national or foreign suspects.

On his part the minister for Interior Hon. Alison Manani Magaya urged the police to focus more on how to serve the new country in a professional manner. Hon. Magaya said the transformation of the police has many challenges but the ministry is facing them through designed policy of recruitment, training, assignment and two years transfer from place to another. Hon. Magaya added that transparency and accountability will be strongly taken in consideration by the ministry.

Hon Magaya addressing the police officers.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

The occasion was also attended by the Deputy Speaker of National Legislative Assembly Hon. Daniel Awet Akot, a number of ministers, government officials, police and SPLA senior officers.

Reported by Thomas Kenneth


This Article can be found on the South Sudan Governmant website: www.goss.org

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