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Hon. Minister

Today the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) launched its Website.I take this opportunity to extend my profound and warm greetings and congratulations to the entire staff of the Ministry for their dedication, selfless sacrifices and commitment to the service of the people and Government of Southern Sudan; the people and the Government of Southern Sudan for their support and encouragement, the main clients and beneficiaries of our services; the international partners especially yt mp3 converter website and donors for their continuous, unlimited and tireless material and technical support to the Ministry, without whose support the Ministry would not have made it to its current position.


The Minister of Justice - Hon. John Luk Jok


Hon. Under Secretary


The Ministry of Justice plays a very essential role in the promotion of rule of law and provision of legal services both of which are essential for social and economic development in Southern Sudan. In fact the services rendered by the Ministry of Justice tangibly affect the citizens and residents in Southern Sudan. Having been trusted with the duty of, among others, the promotion and upholding of rule of law, the Ministry is strategically exerting efforts towards services delivery efficiency by availing itself when and wherever possible. Our citizens must not only see that we render the legal services but must access these services.


The Under Secretary, Ministry of Justice - Hon. Jeremiah Swaka Moses Wani


News & Media

RCN - Graduation Ceremony of 20 Legal Counsel

RCN Justice & Democratie an international Non-Governmental Organization with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The organization has been operating in South Sudan since 2007 and has its’ office at Oasis Camp Site, Juba. RCN has previously implemented several capacity building programs with the Judiciary of Southern Sudan, the Ministry of Justice, the Police and the Prisons Service. The organization’s overall objective is to reinforce the rule of law in South Sudan through and functioning South Sudan justice institutions. RCN Justice & Democratie is currently implementing a project titled “Support to the South Sudan Legal System by Enhancing the Capacity and Skills of the Ministry of Justice”. The training programme is a government led programme and only supported by RCN Justice & Democratie.






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Minister's Corner

I take this opportunity to extend my profound and warm greetings and congratulations to the entire staff of the Ministry for their dedicationClosing Quote





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Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS), is the product of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Which was signed between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the then Government of Sudan (GOS) in January, 2005.